Thursday, July 18, 2013

Product Review: AI Hydra Test Drive

AquaIllumination recently released their newest LED light, the Hydra. The AI Hydra features full spectrum color, power, efficiency, wireless control, and is compatible with all of AI's mounting options—all at a very competitive price of only $399.


Fit and Finish:
The slim dimensions and its light weight make the Hydra a very sleek and modern-looking light.
  • 11.9" length x 5.4" width x 2.1" height
  • Weighs 3.66 lbs.
  • Available in white or black

Full Spectrum Color:
By adding 415nm Violet & 400nm UV LEDs to the mix, the AI Hydra provides a broad, full spectrum of light that covers both the visible and non-visible light spectrum.

Powerful & Energy Efficient:
  After testing it over one of the tanks in our office, it's clear that AI's newly designed 80° lenses really do produce a nice uniform light output and very good color blending, while still being able to penetrate to depths of 30".

  • The new 80° lenses are able to cover an area up to 30" square.
  • Pulls a maximum of just 95 watts from the wall
  • For deeper tanks, optional 50° lenses are also available.


What's in the Box:
  • Hydra LED Module
  • Power Supply
  • US Plug
  • Quick Start Guide

Wireless Control:
The built-in wireless capabilities allow you to connect to the New Controller without being constrained by your data cables. This is a really nice feature for those who like to control our lights from anywhere without having to go to the aquarium.

The New Controller is an easy-to-use, 'set it and forget it' control solution, which comes pre-installed with:
  • 30 Unique Timers
  • Sweeping Cloud Cover, capable of traveling across multiple modules
  • Lightning Storm Simulations
  • And much more...
If you need more advanced control, the soon-to-be-released, web-based AI Director can be used anywhere on the web or mobile devices.
  Mounting Options:
The Hydra is also compatible with the EXT Rail System and Individual Module Hanging Kit. These give you several options to mount the Hydra to make it work in almost any situation.

For a sleek and modern look when hanging up the lights, my personal favorite way to mount lights is by hanging them using either the Individual Module Hanging Kit, for a single module installation or the EXT Rails and EXT Hanging Kit, for multiple module installations.

Thank you for checking out my review, and if you have any additional questions or would like to place an order on the AI Hydra or any other products we carry feel free to contact us toll-free at 866-295-9230.

Have a Great Day!
David @ ReefGeek
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