Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Product Review: LED Powermodule

The ATI LED Powermodule is a lighting powerhouse built with top quality Philips Lumiled LEDs and ATI's industry leading active-cooling T5 technology. The fixture provides dimming control for both the LEDs and T5s* and is capable of producing more than enough light even for the most light-hungry corals.

The Best of Both Worlds:
Taking the best from both technologies, the ATI LED Powermodule combines the control and energy efficiency of LEDs with the superior coral color and light balance of T5s. No longer does there have to be loss of coral color and uneven growth that is found in many LED-only light fixtures. Plus, the high-output LEDs provide a natural looking, beautiful shimmer effect.


After testing it over one of the tanks in our office, it's clear that the ATI LED Powermodule is a light monster. Its LEDs alone are capable of putting out an incredible amount of light. Combine this with top quality T5 ballasts and reflectors and you've got a fixture that can produce some serious light. The PAR graph below shows a 60" 4x75W LED & 4x80W T5 LED Powermodule at 12" putting out 900+ PAR evenly distributed, not just in some light hot spot. That is an insane amount of light and frankly more than most people are going to need, so rest assured you will have enough light. The 8 bulb fixtures are capable of even more PAR and light spread.


The control box and free Windows PC compatible software allow for full control of each of the four LED colors and their respective intensities, along with full dimming control of two separate T5 channels.

For ease of use, the LED Powermodule offers 'set it and forget it' peace of mind. Its pre-installed factory program allows you to simply set the clock and go.

For a greater level of control, you can simply hook the light up to a PC and program to your heart's content – saving back-up settings for easy use at another time.

Fit and Finish:
The smooth extruded aluminum housing and single lamp cord gives the fixture an attractive, sleek and modern-look.

What's in the Box:

  • LED Powermodule
  • Control Box
  • Hanging Kit
  • US Powercord
  • Computer Cable (Connects PC to Control Box)
  • Quick Start Guide
Mounting Options:
The included hanging is easy to set up, looks clean and allows for height adjustment. The fixture is not recommended for use inside a canopy.

Do you have an ATI LED Powermodule? Let us know your thoughts on this product? Interested in learning more? Leave us your comments below and spread the word about the ATI LED Powermodule.

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* T5 dimming control not available on 80W units.
**All images of corals were taken in our office reef tank lit under a 4-bulb LED Powermodule with the LEDs and T5s on.**

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1 comment:

  1. I just purchased this light. One word awesome!
    Took a lot to get used to the control.
    It was actually pretty difficult being that I'm not very techy
    All in all this light is great after u get used to the controls
    Btw I have the 24x8bulbs w/ 1 75w led
    I just switched from the AI Vega due to the corals NOT growing evenly
    I had to go back to the light that is proven
    The price is a lot. But well worth it.
    Happy reefing y'all